Monday, October 12, 2015


This is one topic I have been wanting to hit for awhile, but kept forgetting.  For some reason it hit me this afternoon while I was brainstorming ideas for the bedroom project.  During our kitchen renovation in our home, one of the biggest and hardest decisions for us was the flooring.  We were conjoining a dining room into a kitchen in order to create one cohesive space.

The problem came from the fact that there was existing wood in the dining room, and tile in the kitchen space.  We also tore down a wall, which meant there was zero flooring there.  Adding to this, there was existing hardwood in the front room when you walk in - which flows into the kitchen space.  

So, the big decision was whether we lay hardwood in the kitchen space where existing tile was?  Or do we do tile?  I was stuck on the hardwood - my husband was stuck on the tile.  His main concern (which I completely get) was the ability to be able to match the new to the old.  An additional concern of his was when it came to laying it.  Because the old hardwood has been there for a looonnngggg time, it has naturally separated with time.  He was worried that when we laid the new wood, it would highlight the spreading in the old tile.

Flooring is a big decision in a home project, and there are many factors to consider besides just the aesthetics (what else really matters thought, right?;) jk).  In the end we decided to do wood - and I (and my husband) could not agree more that it was the right decision.  While the husband did have to sand all of the hardwood (new and old), and then re-poly it all - the coloring ended up exactly the same.  We also have a large rug in the dining room, which covers up a lot of the old wood - as well as a huge island separating the two spaces as well.  

I would always advise someone to stay as similar to your existing flooring as possible.  Congruent flooring will make a space flow better, as well as keeps the eye up from the flooring and onto the other important elements in the space.

If you remember - we ended up taking the same hardwood back into our back family room project a few months ago as well;).  


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