Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Ikea St. Louis finally opened last week!  Their opening day was on a Wednesday, and they were giving away 2500 free couches to the first people in line - among lots of other free giveaways.  I so wanted to go last week, but decided it was best that I wait at least a week - and to go during the weekday...to avoid the crazies.

Well, I waited 5 days...Michael had a half day of school and we were looking for things to do.  Every month or so he gets on these kicks where he sees a toy he really just HAS to have.  Typically we will set up a jobs chart where he has to do so many jobs for so many days before he can get the toy.  Mind you most of these toys he wants are under $15 - and I love shopping, so we think it's a win win.  This past week he has been stuck on a Triceratops Switch 'n' Go Dino.  We searched at our go to - Target at no avail - so I told him we needed to check Walmart, as they would probably have.  So....I decided to negotiate one Switch 'n' Go for one trip to Ikea...perfect!

I loved these new huge white light fixtures they had in the cafeteria area.  Typically, I have seen the Maskros here, but loved the change up.  I didn't see these back by the lighting section though - but I am sure they have to be for sale somewhere.

This command center reminded me of something I would see at Pottery Barn - but a lot cheaper.  I love the hook idea of hanging baskets, step stool, etc.

Oh - then I saw this little bench - you can kind of see it in the above picture.  It reminded me exactly of this Patagonia Sheepskin Stool from Diseno Bos.  Do a little DIY and bam you could have the Sheepskin Stool for a fraction of the cost!

I loved this for office or bedroom organization.

Can not go wrong with the Expedit shelving - never seen them with these closed drawers in the middle though.

THIS porcelain look-a-like sink is amazing at this price.

Faucets too...again... these prices...

Picked up a couple of these for my back room.

Would love to see these in an office, kids bedroom or playroom.

The price point on these cowhides made me want to buy one just because...I'm sure I could find somewhere to put it.

Another example of something I thought I should buy; just because - a natural woven rug never goes out of style - especially with one of those above cowhides layered on top.

I could keep going...but these were definitely my favs.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a great start to your week.


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