Monday, October 26, 2015


I am still working on finalizing the plans for our master bedroom makeover.  I haven't shared much of the details on this project yet - but I can not wait!

I have been honored to be able to work on this project with the amazing, beyond talented crew over at  For those of you who have not yet heard of this site - please do your self a favor and clink this LINK to check it out.  If you are looking for help designing a room, is your new best friend.  They have talented and professional designers who will assist you in any way you need in order to decorate a space.

I plan to go into more detail in future posts, however, think of a space you have that you want designed - or need help finishing up.  Havenly can help you completely re-do the room, or incorporate some of your existing pieces with new, and or simply help tie a few loose ends together.  You sign up on - choose the services that you need for your project (packages start at $79) - and they will put you in touch almost immediately with a trained interior designer.

I have been lucky enough to work with this lovely lady named Griffin!  She has been so sweet, professional, and well versed in the land of interior design.  I definitely tried to take the back seat in the project and let her run with my ideas/pinterest inspiration photos.  To say this has been fun is an understatement.  It has been so much fun - and so simple.

SO....are you wondering which direction I took Griffin in?!  For those of you that follow my instagram account, know I posted three paint color samples painted on my wall (white, navy, and black).  Because this is our bedroom, I felt like it is the perfect place to be a little more bold, and do something a little more non-traditional.  I day dream over black painted walls...;).

Here are a few of my inspiration photos for the project:

Love the masculine, sexy vibe these black walls give off-
image via
Romantic vibes...
image via pinterest
I have posted this room before - always one of my favorites -
image via
 So cozy with those sheepskins -
image via 
 Of course - my favorite Christine Dovey design is my main inspiration!
image via
I saw this print on one of the hundred daily emails I receive from;), and it has become the one thing I have been wanting to design around.
image via
I also dream about these juju hats on a daily basis.  I would so do this if I didn't have a window directly behind out bed.  Damn the cost of those things! lol.
image via

Stay tuned...will be revealing more of Havenly's design and process next.


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