Thursday, October 29, 2015


A lot has been going on this week, so I thought I would do a post that kind of runs through our last few days.  We have been in full party mode - prepping for our annual Halloween party.  Which by the way - is my FAVORITE time of the year!  This year, a lot of our family and friends will be coming, and I can not wait.  I love Halloween and I love having a Halloween party at my house.  I day dream about having an unlimited decorating budget, and my entire house is staged with hanging ghosts, creepy spiders, lots of Halloween snack food like the hot dog mummies, pretzel witches brooms, a witch's brew boiling over with dry ice, a fog machine on the front porch with the Pandora Halloween playlist in the background. day this will happen.

Until then - here are a few of my decorations I have been working on for this weekend.

Gotta have the dripping candles...we have been saving these wine bottles for like a week;).  Ps. these candles were next to impossible to find - I remember having them when I was younger, but haven't seen them in like 10 years.  I ended up finding a few packs at Hobby Lobby - and they were 40% off - score.

Picked up these stick on Martha Stewart bats from Michaels - again used 40% off coupon.  They look so cute - but are already falling off the wall.  If anyone has a good adhesive they use that will keep these guys on the wall, without pulling off the paint, please let me know.

Our kitchen has a very small amount of countertop space.  We do have a large island - but I typically use that to place all of the food on.  It is a central location, and people can walk around to grab what they need.  Also - the island top is a butcher block, so I could care less if there is any food spillage - anything can always be cleaned up - or worse comes to worse - sanded off.  On the opposite side of our kitchen, behind our table, we have two lower cabinets in the left and right hand corners.  I love using these at parties and get togethers for drinks (left one) and desserts (right one).  It is far enough away from the apps, and main course food, that it helps keep people from being completely on top of each other in the kitchen.  The only downfall to these spaces are that the tops are a marble (non-honed) surface.  I always second guess my decision to not get them honed, but I love the look of natural marble so much - I just wanted to go for it.  

Long story short - I was cleaning them off today to take down my normal stuff, and set up the drink/bar station.  While they were empty and I was wiping them down, I just couldn't stop staring at them...and drooling over them.  These are the moments that solidify I made the right decision.  I absolutely love these tops and think they are the most gorgeous things ever.  They are pretty much my third child.  Before I set everything back up - I took a few pics, just because I love them that much.  I am already having anxiety about a kid spilling candy corn punch on them, and me not seeing it until like 2 hours later - lol.  

My husband bought the entire store of candy...and I finished Michael's peregrine falcon costume.  

This costume deserves it's own post...TBD;).  All I can say is that I am SO thankful to Jenny at Stumbles and Stitches.  When Michael first told me he wanted to be a peregrine falcon - I started googling in the hopes of finding something I could go off of.  Well, I found something so much better.  Jenny had made her son this exact costume three years ago (link HERE).  I was beyond thankful I had this to go off of.  Could not have done it without Jenny and her son.  

Lastly, I am still working on Project Gorilla.  Stopped by Lowe's today to check out their blinds, and was pumped to find exactly what I was looking for - and they are on sale - perfect.  

Running to the grocery store tomorrow - after that, we should be ready.  I hope you all have a super fun, safe and dry;) Halloween!


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