Thursday, October 29, 2015


A lot has been going on this week, so I thought I would do a post that kind of runs through our last few days.  We have been in full party mode - prepping for our annual Halloween party.  Which by the way - is my FAVORITE time of the year!  This year, a lot of our family and friends will be coming, and I can not wait.  I love Halloween and I love having a Halloween party at my house.  I day dream about having an unlimited decorating budget, and my entire house is staged with hanging ghosts, creepy spiders, lots of Halloween snack food like the hot dog mummies, pretzel witches brooms, a witch's brew boiling over with dry ice, a fog machine on the front porch with the Pandora Halloween playlist in the background. day this will happen.

Until then - here are a few of my decorations I have been working on for this weekend.

Gotta have the dripping candles...we have been saving these wine bottles for like a week;).  Ps. these candles were next to impossible to find - I remember having them when I was younger, but haven't seen them in like 10 years.  I ended up finding a few packs at Hobby Lobby - and they were 40% off - score.

Picked up these stick on Martha Stewart bats from Michaels - again used 40% off coupon.  They look so cute - but are already falling off the wall.  If anyone has a good adhesive they use that will keep these guys on the wall, without pulling off the paint, please let me know.

Our kitchen has a very small amount of countertop space.  We do have a large island - but I typically use that to place all of the food on.  It is a central location, and people can walk around to grab what they need.  Also - the island top is a butcher block, so I could care less if there is any food spillage - anything can always be cleaned up - or worse comes to worse - sanded off.  On the opposite side of our kitchen, behind our table, we have two lower cabinets in the left and right hand corners.  I love using these at parties and get togethers for drinks (left one) and desserts (right one).  It is far enough away from the apps, and main course food, that it helps keep people from being completely on top of each other in the kitchen.  The only downfall to these spaces are that the tops are a marble (non-honed) surface.  I always second guess my decision to not get them honed, but I love the look of natural marble so much - I just wanted to go for it.  

Long story short - I was cleaning them off today to take down my normal stuff, and set up the drink/bar station.  While they were empty and I was wiping them down, I just couldn't stop staring at them...and drooling over them.  These are the moments that solidify I made the right decision.  I absolutely love these tops and think they are the most gorgeous things ever.  They are pretty much my third child.  Before I set everything back up - I took a few pics, just because I love them that much.  I am already having anxiety about a kid spilling candy corn punch on them, and me not seeing it until like 2 hours later - lol.  

My husband bought the entire store of candy...and I finished Michael's peregrine falcon costume.  

This costume deserves it's own post...TBD;).  All I can say is that I am SO thankful to Jenny at Stumbles and Stitches.  When Michael first told me he wanted to be a peregrine falcon - I started googling in the hopes of finding something I could go off of.  Well, I found something so much better.  Jenny had made her son this exact costume three years ago (link HERE).  I was beyond thankful I had this to go off of.  Could not have done it without Jenny and her son.  

Lastly, I am still working on Project Gorilla.  Stopped by Lowe's today to check out their blinds, and was pumped to find exactly what I was looking for - and they are on sale - perfect.  

Running to the grocery store tomorrow - after that, we should be ready.  I hope you all have a super fun, safe and dry;) Halloween!


Monday, October 26, 2015


I am still working on finalizing the plans for our master bedroom makeover.  I haven't shared much of the details on this project yet - but I can not wait!

I have been honored to be able to work on this project with the amazing, beyond talented crew over at  For those of you who have not yet heard of this site - please do your self a favor and clink this LINK to check it out.  If you are looking for help designing a room, is your new best friend.  They have talented and professional designers who will assist you in any way you need in order to decorate a space.

I plan to go into more detail in future posts, however, think of a space you have that you want designed - or need help finishing up.  Havenly can help you completely re-do the room, or incorporate some of your existing pieces with new, and or simply help tie a few loose ends together.  You sign up on - choose the services that you need for your project (packages start at $79) - and they will put you in touch almost immediately with a trained interior designer.

I have been lucky enough to work with this lovely lady named Griffin!  She has been so sweet, professional, and well versed in the land of interior design.  I definitely tried to take the back seat in the project and let her run with my ideas/pinterest inspiration photos.  To say this has been fun is an understatement.  It has been so much fun - and so simple.

SO....are you wondering which direction I took Griffin in?!  For those of you that follow my instagram account, know I posted three paint color samples painted on my wall (white, navy, and black).  Because this is our bedroom, I felt like it is the perfect place to be a little more bold, and do something a little more non-traditional.  I day dream over black painted walls...;).

Here are a few of my inspiration photos for the project:

Love the masculine, sexy vibe these black walls give off-
image via
Romantic vibes...
image via pinterest
I have posted this room before - always one of my favorites -
image via
 So cozy with those sheepskins -
image via 
 Of course - my favorite Christine Dovey design is my main inspiration!
image via
I saw this print on one of the hundred daily emails I receive from;), and it has become the one thing I have been wanting to design around.
image via
I also dream about these juju hats on a daily basis.  I would so do this if I didn't have a window directly behind out bed.  Damn the cost of those things! lol.
image via

Stay tuned...will be revealing more of Havenly's design and process next.


Monday, October 19, 2015


A few months ago, I came across a photo of a friend that had installed a skinny and long white tile in a herringbone pattern on their kitchen floor.  It was AHmazing....  I saved the photo on my phone, and every once in awhile come back and just look and admire.  Not sure how large their kitchen floor is - but per what I saw in the pic, there is no way this floor was laid in one day...or two....

I am thinking everyone has this - but I have a running list in my head of things I want to do on the 'next' house; you know that forever house everyone always talks about?  I probably should start writing some of these thoughts down - or maybe it's good its only in my head.  Hopefully, I forget a few of these items... as there is no way I will be able to do it all.  This herringbone tile pattern in a large floor or shower space has definitely been added to the "forever" list.  But it's important to note the size of the tile used does make a huge difference in the statement you are going after.  While I like the normal subway tiles used (and included among photos below) - my favorite, for a flooring application is when a skinny/slender and long (think a 2x6) tile is used.  I have hunted for these - and they are extremely hard to find.

You can never go wrong with marble:
Really digging on the center layout in this large master bath:
 This striated marble flooring is gorgeous and such a statement:
 Here is a backsplash application using the longer, rectangle shaped tile:
Outside of that stunning floor, this sweet little guy makes the perfect welcome party:
 These are very similar to the size of the tiles I would like to use on a large floor pattern.  The colored tile really pops in this all white bathroom; despite the patterned floor.
 Another clean design by those talented designers over at HGTV;):
 Here is a herringbone using a wood tile.  I have really seen these wood tiles being used more and more and love seeing it used in this pattern:
 One of my favs from Erin @ Elements of Style...she really can not go wrong:
 Look at that range hood...or I mean backsplash...

Has anyone used a herringbone pattern in your tile projects?  Per the husband it shouldn't be too difficult to all know I am always up for a diy project, lol.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Tonight I was messing around creating a big girl room for my Gwendolyn.  There will be no room changes for her for a few months ago - but it makes me happy to daydream about what I will do.  

A month or so ago I created a girl's nursery mood board for fun.  I loved that nursery board so much, I wanted to do something similar, however creating a big girl room.  I would obviously need to add a ton of storage and book shelves into the actual room, but here is what I came up with.  

I feel like it is perfect for my girl Gwen.  It almost feels like a room filled with all of my loves - like I threw up all of my interior design love into Gwen's room - and this is what came out:).  A lot of people will probably find this design too busy, but I love it.

What do you all think of the pink and the coral together?


Monday, October 12, 2015


This is one topic I have been wanting to hit for awhile, but kept forgetting.  For some reason it hit me this afternoon while I was brainstorming ideas for the bedroom project.  During our kitchen renovation in our home, one of the biggest and hardest decisions for us was the flooring.  We were conjoining a dining room into a kitchen in order to create one cohesive space.

The problem came from the fact that there was existing wood in the dining room, and tile in the kitchen space.  We also tore down a wall, which meant there was zero flooring there.  Adding to this, there was existing hardwood in the front room when you walk in - which flows into the kitchen space.  

So, the big decision was whether we lay hardwood in the kitchen space where existing tile was?  Or do we do tile?  I was stuck on the hardwood - my husband was stuck on the tile.  His main concern (which I completely get) was the ability to be able to match the new to the old.  An additional concern of his was when it came to laying it.  Because the old hardwood has been there for a looonnngggg time, it has naturally separated with time.  He was worried that when we laid the new wood, it would highlight the spreading in the old tile.

Flooring is a big decision in a home project, and there are many factors to consider besides just the aesthetics (what else really matters thought, right?;) jk).  In the end we decided to do wood - and I (and my husband) could not agree more that it was the right decision.  While the husband did have to sand all of the hardwood (new and old), and then re-poly it all - the coloring ended up exactly the same.  We also have a large rug in the dining room, which covers up a lot of the old wood - as well as a huge island separating the two spaces as well.  

I would always advise someone to stay as similar to your existing flooring as possible.  Congruent flooring will make a space flow better, as well as keeps the eye up from the flooring and onto the other important elements in the space.

If you remember - we ended up taking the same hardwood back into our back family room project a few months ago as well;).  


Sunday, October 11, 2015


While killing time on Instagram this past week, I came across an extremely talented design firm:  House of Jade.  House of Jade is a full service interior design firm (e-design services are available) started five years ago by two best friends: Erin and Kirsten.  Their styles jive so effortlessly amongst each other - their work is beyond inspirational.  To say they are a personal inspiration is an understatement.  I would die to sit down and chat with these two lovely ladies.

Looking through their work you will see clean lines, white backgrounds, splashes of color and overall simple and organized designs.  Below are some of my favorite photos from their portfolio.

Bright, open foyer with a vintage blue rug and dark grey painted front door:

Love the paneling in this mudroom - along with the contrast of the black dome light against the white walls:

Airy, light pink girls room with this enviable window seat.  I can so picture my son using this space constantly to line up his trucks, snuggle up on, jump off into a pile of pillows; or none;), etc.

These statement wings are too perfect for this nursery:

Again - love the paneling detail, and I am always a sucker for a beaded chandelier and simple greenery:

Simple, bright living room with a greek key patterned navy rug:

This playroom has to be one of my favorite playrooms of all time.  First off - the size of this room is just massive.  I mean - no excuses to not have your kids stuff organized - right?!

Here is another shot of this playroom.  One of my favorite things to do in a space is to use one large statement piece.  I love everything about this oversized octopus wall art.  There is something about using an entire wall space - and within the correct proportions that just feels so right here.

xo - hope you all had a great weekend:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Ikea St. Louis finally opened last week!  Their opening day was on a Wednesday, and they were giving away 2500 free couches to the first people in line - among lots of other free giveaways.  I so wanted to go last week, but decided it was best that I wait at least a week - and to go during the avoid the crazies.

Well, I waited 5 days...Michael had a half day of school and we were looking for things to do.  Every month or so he gets on these kicks where he sees a toy he really just HAS to have.  Typically we will set up a jobs chart where he has to do so many jobs for so many days before he can get the toy.  Mind you most of these toys he wants are under $15 - and I love shopping, so we think it's a win win.  This past week he has been stuck on a Triceratops Switch 'n' Go Dino.  We searched at our go to - Target at no avail - so I told him we needed to check Walmart, as they would probably have.  So....I decided to negotiate one Switch 'n' Go for one trip to Ikea...perfect!

I loved these new huge white light fixtures they had in the cafeteria area.  Typically, I have seen the Maskros here, but loved the change up.  I didn't see these back by the lighting section though - but I am sure they have to be for sale somewhere.

This command center reminded me of something I would see at Pottery Barn - but a lot cheaper.  I love the hook idea of hanging baskets, step stool, etc.

Oh - then I saw this little bench - you can kind of see it in the above picture.  It reminded me exactly of this Patagonia Sheepskin Stool from Diseno Bos.  Do a little DIY and bam you could have the Sheepskin Stool for a fraction of the cost!

I loved this for office or bedroom organization.

Can not go wrong with the Expedit shelving - never seen them with these closed drawers in the middle though.

THIS porcelain look-a-like sink is amazing at this price.

Faucets too...again... these prices...

Picked up a couple of these for my back room.

Would love to see these in an office, kids bedroom or playroom.

The price point on these cowhides made me want to buy one just because...I'm sure I could find somewhere to put it.

Another example of something I thought I should buy; just because - a natural woven rug never goes out of style - especially with one of those above cowhides layered on top.

I could keep going...but these were definitely my favs.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a great start to your week.



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