Thursday, September 17, 2015


I am so excited to share that I have been working on an upcoming collaboration with an amazing online interior design company.  I am almost ready to share the details, but I will say that my bedroom is getting a major overhaul.  I am constantly daydreaming of re-doing our bedroom.  Our  house was built in the 40's - therefore there are no such things as master bedrooms around here.  I continually struggle to find ways to maximize the dimensions of the room, as well as add items that will help keep my clothes, bags, etc. off of the floor.  My husband and I purchased a bedding set about 4 years ago - and we have not updated it since.  I finally got so sick of the duvet cover and pillow cases, I just took them off and we have been sleeping with the down blanket and pillows that have no pillow cases or cover; no joke...and my husband doesn't even notice.

Our wedding anniversary was this past week, and my idea for gifts was for us to purchase a new bedding set - sheets, duvet cover, shams, all of it.  I wanted to splurge on something that will make us excited to come to bed each night; something soft and silky like.  Well this is what I got instead:

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE IT!  haha - but it makes me laugh...such a typical husband gift.  

So - back to my bedroom - lol.  Here are photos of my current space, which only shows the bed and nightstand, but trust me there is not much else to see.

Can NOT wait to share more!!  


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