Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 With the change in seasons here in STL - it has me wanting to change up the spaces in my house as well.  Because it seems like I am always buying something for my house - I have to be careful about what I purchase.  Mike always notices the occasional new chair, blanket, jar, etc here and there - but I always be sure to drown him in a fabulous story of how I got the best deal on it and saved us so much money in the long run...insert my best devilish smiley face.  It's easy to get lost in the details, and overspend on items that you probably did not need.  

Here are my favorite, go to ways to spruce up your current space(s) without breaking the bank; or completely freaking your husband out: 

1. Paint - paint is a cheap fix; if you do it yourself.  A freshly painted room in a bright grayish white is always a sure way to improve a space (BM Balboa Mist is my all time favorite right now).  Paint will instantly transform a room for little $.  Oh, and if you have full paint cans laying around, you can always take those to your nearest paint store and ask them to add coloring to it; which would really reduce your cost.  

2. Dig through your existing items...can you re-arrange, move items around, re-purpose, etc?  West Elm almost always has a large bin of pillow covers in the back of their store that are always pretty cheap.  It's fun to dig through those, and place over your existing pillows.  Do you have any stools, chairs, etc sitting around that you could take some chalk paint to?

3. Make your own art.  There are so many options here - you could buy a canvas from Michaels/JoAnn's (use a coupon;)), and mimic a piece you love - or you could frame something you already have.  However, if you are in need of frames - go to IKEA!  You can buy frames there for cheap.  

4. I love running through our local Goodwill and consignment shops to see if they have anything that I could steal - price wise, and re-use in a room.  

5. Run up to Trader Joe's or a local flower shop if you live in the city like me.  Fresh flowers always help to take a space to the next level.  Or run up to Lowe's or a local nursery and buy a fern (pending the time of the year).  Ferns are one of my absolute favorite items to decorate with in my house!  If there are no ferns - any green house plant will do; set it on a coffee table or end table.

5. Lastly, my biggest 'trick' to sprucing up a space on a budget is to just clean it - lol.  Seriously - cleaning a room from top to bottom - wiping down all glass, using pledge on all wood surfaces, cleaning the floors, etc. will make the biggest difference in how the room feels and looks.  

Have you already used any of these to give your space a fresh feel?!


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