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A common question I hear from friends and family while decorating is how to match one finish to the next.  For example, "can I use a gold frame in the kitchen space, but then a silver or white frame in a conjoining room?"  Or, "can I use copper finishes in my kitchen, while still using stainless steel appliances?".  The answer to both of these above questions is YES!  Yes, you can mix finishes.  Yes, you can mix gold and silver.  Yes, you can mix material finishes.

A large misconception in decorating is that there are all of these "rules" you have to follow.  While I do firmly believe there are unspoken rules to follow (I say this very loosely), the best homes in my opinion come together when random and miscellaneous items come together and fill the space.  It is tempting when you first start decorating to just get the space done - walk into a box store, purchase the set and all matching accessories, bam - you are done!  There is really nothing wrong with this, and I am sure your room will still look very nice, however, I prefer the rooms that are compiled with hidden treasures, artifacts, home goods finds, and garage sale steals that have been re-purposed and re-used.  Those are my favorite kind of spaces, and these are the kinds of room I try to design in my own house.

Here is a living room I did that mixes various shades, colors, finishes, etc.

I love how this kitchen mixes it up with the light stained wood pantry to the left of the light grey/white painted cabinets.  The light wood gives this kitchen so much warmth and really adds a lot of depth.  This is something I could see myself being a little worried about during the design process, however it turned out beautiful.

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Venegas and Company

Here is an example of a kitchen that used copper/metallic pendants with chrome sink faucet, as well as stainless steel appliances.  Not sure I like the black stools used here, but nonetheless it is a good example that you can definitely use copper finishes with the stainless.

via House Beautiful
via Domino
via Lonny

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - and are able to spend the extra day off with friends and family.  We are headed down to the MU game:).  Go Tigers!


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