Monday, September 28, 2015


We all have our favorite kitchens.  We all also have our favorite elements that are must haves in a kitchen.  These are definitely different from family to family, however, there are the basics that I think everyone can agree will make the perfect kitchen.

House Beautiful declared their 2015 Kitchen of the Year.  This year San Francisco designer Ken Fulk was asked to incorporate both modern design trends, as well as the latest culinary styles to create the kitchen of the year.  You all might have recognized Ken Fulk's name.  He designed a collection of beautiful furniture items for Pottery Barn; which was featured in a PB spread a few months ago.  His stunning leather sectional is still imprinted in my mind.  

Mr. Fulk used all the latest KitchenAid appliances to make this kitchen one amazingly functional space.  Check out the new black stainless steel option KitchenAid is now offering - gorgeous.  

all images above are via House Beautiful

Some of the take-aways I took from these inspiration photos are -

-Be bold:  Did you see that pink island?! - I loved it.

-Cabinetry:  Open shelving is still in as well as can be useful with a moveable shelving unit option; light grey painted cabinets are a huge yes.

-Cabinet pulls:  Simple and brass is still in.

-Flooring:  Wood floors, versus tile are the classic choice; along with the rustic wood beams and exposed brick; not sure if this was intentional, but I really like how it looks like they used a lighter wood base shoe around the cabinetry and corners - it really accentuates cabinet color.

-Appliances:  Black stainless steel is the latest finish option that I would love to see more of.

-Islands:  Large, functional islands with sink options are still very much the go to choice.

-Backsplash/wall:  I wondered immediately if that exposed brick was truly exposed brick?  Or was it wallpaper?  Well - guess what?  It is tile; Tabard Studio's Adama tile.  I love this look, and can appreciate how the brick is used as a backsplash.  Because the brick spans the entire wall, it really helps to conjoin and pull together the entire space.



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