Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We do a monthly dinner with two other couples who live in our neighborhood (Chi O sisters and their families) - each month we rotate houses.  Absolutely love and look forward to these dinners.  Our kids get to run around and trash the place while us adults get to drink wine, eat and chat...wonderful time had by all.

The hostess will typically prepare the main course, while the other two of us will bring a side dish and dessert.  This week it was my turn to bring dessert.  I always try to bring something home cooked, but after a day of work, hustling to pick up my kids, somewhat trying to pick up the house so that it is not a complete disaster before the husband gets home - leaves me with zero time to do ANYTHING.  No way I had time to run to the grocery.  

I wanted to share my go to dessert - it is the easiest thing ever to put together, and guaranteed you have 99% of the ingredients in your cabinet at any given time.  The only random item is coconut; but I started buying a bag every other time I go to the store, that way it is always in my pantry...just in case.  I originally tasted this cake when my MIL (who is THE best cook) made it one weekend we were there.  It was so delicious, I couldn't stop eating.  She told me she got the recipe off of Pinterest and sent it over to me to share.  

The link to the recipe on my Pinterest is here.  The original source of the recipe is here.  

The cake is called, Moist Lazy Daisy Cake - enjoy!


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