Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Do you all know Caitlin Wilson?  She is an amazingly talented wife, mama, and interior designer.  She started Caitlin Wilson Design in 2007, and over the past few years she has started Caitlin Wilson Textiles (CWT).

CWT focuses on a handful of hand designed prints, fabrics, rugs, and now wallpapers.  I first found Caitlin through her pillows - if you all have not seen them, you need to head over to site asap and at least check them out.  Her pillows started it all, and her textile business has now grown into expanding her signature prints into fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, and other accessories.  On her site she says, "Pattern & color are my forte and the foundation on which I create my distinguishable, signature interiors".  If pattern and color are what you are looking for - there is no where else to go than to CWT.  Her patterns are classy, bold, colorful, yet neutral all rolled into one.  Below are some of my favorite pillows:

But, this rug is....oh....I have no words for this rug.  I have a major major design crush on this rug, and have for awhile now...ahhh!

Caitlin Wilson is absolutely one of my career idols as a woman.  She seems to have it all figured out...the career, the marriage, the kids, etc - she just makes it looks easy.  One of my favorite parts of her site is her bio where she says, "My role as a mother has influenced my desire to create beautiful yet livable spaces where families can enjoy & cherish their time at home".  I love this - so down to earth and connected with real life; families, kids, etc.  Whenever I see photos of her, her kids always seem to be close by - and sporting her favorite patterns. 

As if I needed another reason to admire and adore her...I was reading through her IG and came across this post:

Probably one of the most inspiring things for me is to read something like the above.  To hear that she is in shock that Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent used her rug in their home shocks me!  I mean - to me, she is huge and this just fits in my world.  But to read that she is in awe, pushes me to keep on going and pushing toward my dreams and goals of interior design and textile development.  No matter how big or little you are in your career/passion, etc.  we all have the same desires and hopes to be successful in our own individual desires.

So - I am going to keep on keeping on.  

Thank you all so much for reading:).


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