Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We did our first giveaway on Instagram this week - eek!!  So much fun!  I love making pillows - sewing is one of my secret hobbies.  If you find a fabric you love and want some pillows made, you know where to find me.

This weekend I made this pillow and really fell in love with this black and white pattern.

Here are a few more photos of it sitting on my couch amongst a few of my other pillows.  Love it - such a cutie!

Sitting on my favorite rope chair - 

The giveaway lasted for a few days, and the winner was drawn tonight........  the winner of this little guy is:


Congrats - enjoy!


Monday, September 28, 2015


We all have our favorite kitchens.  We all also have our favorite elements that are must haves in a kitchen.  These are definitely different from family to family, however, there are the basics that I think everyone can agree will make the perfect kitchen.

House Beautiful declared their 2015 Kitchen of the Year.  This year San Francisco designer Ken Fulk was asked to incorporate both modern design trends, as well as the latest culinary styles to create the kitchen of the year.  You all might have recognized Ken Fulk's name.  He designed a collection of beautiful furniture items for Pottery Barn; which was featured in a PB spread a few months ago.  His stunning leather sectional is still imprinted in my mind.  

Mr. Fulk used all the latest KitchenAid appliances to make this kitchen one amazingly functional space.  Check out the new black stainless steel option KitchenAid is now offering - gorgeous.  

all images above are via House Beautiful

Some of the take-aways I took from these inspiration photos are -

-Be bold:  Did you see that pink island?! - I loved it.

-Cabinetry:  Open shelving is still in as well as can be useful with a moveable shelving unit option; light grey painted cabinets are a huge yes.

-Cabinet pulls:  Simple and brass is still in.

-Flooring:  Wood floors, versus tile are the classic choice; along with the rustic wood beams and exposed brick; not sure if this was intentional, but I really like how it looks like they used a lighter wood base shoe around the cabinetry and corners - it really accentuates cabinet color.

-Appliances:  Black stainless steel is the latest finish option that I would love to see more of.

-Islands:  Large, functional islands with sink options are still very much the go to choice.

-Backsplash/wall:  I wondered immediately if that exposed brick was truly exposed brick?  Or was it wallpaper?  Well - guess what?  It is tile; Tabard Studio's Adama tile.  I love this look, and can appreciate how the brick is used as a backsplash.  Because the brick spans the entire wall, it really helps to conjoin and pull together the entire space.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We do a monthly dinner with two other couples who live in our neighborhood (Chi O sisters and their families) - each month we rotate houses.  Absolutely love and look forward to these dinners.  Our kids get to run around and trash the place while us adults get to drink wine, eat and chat...wonderful time had by all.

The hostess will typically prepare the main course, while the other two of us will bring a side dish and dessert.  This week it was my turn to bring dessert.  I always try to bring something home cooked, but after a day of work, hustling to pick up my kids, somewhat trying to pick up the house so that it is not a complete disaster before the husband gets home - leaves me with zero time to do ANYTHING.  No way I had time to run to the grocery.  

I wanted to share my go to dessert - it is the easiest thing ever to put together, and guaranteed you have 99% of the ingredients in your cabinet at any given time.  The only random item is coconut; but I started buying a bag every other time I go to the store, that way it is always in my pantry...just in case.  I originally tasted this cake when my MIL (who is THE best cook) made it one weekend we were there.  It was so delicious, I couldn't stop eating.  She told me she got the recipe off of Pinterest and sent it over to me to share.  

The link to the recipe on my Pinterest is here.  The original source of the recipe is here.  

The cake is called, Moist Lazy Daisy Cake - enjoy!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Do you all know Caitlin Wilson?  She is an amazingly talented wife, mama, and interior designer.  She started Caitlin Wilson Design in 2007, and over the past few years she has started Caitlin Wilson Textiles (CWT).

CWT focuses on a handful of hand designed prints, fabrics, rugs, and now wallpapers.  I first found Caitlin through her pillows - if you all have not seen them, you need to head over to site asap and at least check them out.  Her pillows started it all, and her textile business has now grown into expanding her signature prints into fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, and other accessories.  On her site she says, "Pattern & color are my forte and the foundation on which I create my distinguishable, signature interiors".  If pattern and color are what you are looking for - there is no where else to go than to CWT.  Her patterns are classy, bold, colorful, yet neutral all rolled into one.  Below are some of my favorite pillows:

But, this rug is....oh....I have no words for this rug.  I have a major major design crush on this rug, and have for awhile now...ahhh!

Caitlin Wilson is absolutely one of my career idols as a woman.  She seems to have it all figured out...the career, the marriage, the kids, etc - she just makes it looks easy.  One of my favorite parts of her site is her bio where she says, "My role as a mother has influenced my desire to create beautiful yet livable spaces where families can enjoy & cherish their time at home".  I love this - so down to earth and connected with real life; families, kids, etc.  Whenever I see photos of her, her kids always seem to be close by - and sporting her favorite patterns. 

As if I needed another reason to admire and adore her...I was reading through her IG and came across this post:

Probably one of the most inspiring things for me is to read something like the above.  To hear that she is in shock that Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent used her rug in their home shocks me!  I mean - to me, she is huge and this just fits in my world.  But to read that she is in awe, pushes me to keep on going and pushing toward my dreams and goals of interior design and textile development.  No matter how big or little you are in your career/passion, etc.  we all have the same desires and hopes to be successful in our own individual desires.

So - I am going to keep on keeping on.  

Thank you all so much for reading:).


Sunday, September 20, 2015


Today I went over to a friends new home to brainstorm ideas for their window treatments.  These super sweet friends just purchased a historic home - which surprisingly has a ton of natural lighting.  There are even 2 large curved bay windows - one in their living room and one in their dining room.  These windows were the focus of our conversations today.  Their main question was what type of window treatments should they do?  Blinds?  Shades? Curtains?, etc.  Because this is an older home there is a ton of really pretty wood work detail around all of the windows.

The only thing I could picture when standing in their dining room is this:

image via Pinterest
I love the look of the natural bamboo shades with the curved rods and the long floor to ceiling curtains.  While I love this white look, I also would really love to see this with a bold navy blue pattern on an off-white/cream curtain.  See pic below:

image via Pinterest
Or something like this too:

image via Pinterest

Because the bay window in their living room has a window seat under it, we decided it would be best to just do the bamboo shades, and no curtains.  Something like this:

image via Pinterest

I am so into the light bamboo shade with the long floor to ceiling curtains right now.  Everywhere you look you are seeing this style.  It looks classy and clean, and also makes the room feel very warm and cozy.  With the option of getting a privacy liner in the shade - it makes for a functional design element as well.  Did I mention you can buy these at your local Lowe's or Home Depot; they are very reasonably priced.  

I put together a few inspirational photos using the bamboo shades - hope they inspire you as much as they have for me today!

image via Pinterest 

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest (

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Do you all love as much as I do?!  

I had so much fun throwing ideas back and forth today for their window treatments and other coordinating design elements in their home.  It is hard sometimes to convey the image you are picturing in your mind, however, I think a combination of the above photos is convincing enough;).  

If you are looking for a little boost in decorating, or have a specific question - click here.  I would love to have a brainstorming session with you in your space.  


Thursday, September 17, 2015


I am so excited to share that I have been working on an upcoming collaboration with an amazing online interior design company.  I am almost ready to share the details, but I will say that my bedroom is getting a major overhaul.  I am constantly daydreaming of re-doing our bedroom.  Our  house was built in the 40's - therefore there are no such things as master bedrooms around here.  I continually struggle to find ways to maximize the dimensions of the room, as well as add items that will help keep my clothes, bags, etc. off of the floor.  My husband and I purchased a bedding set about 4 years ago - and we have not updated it since.  I finally got so sick of the duvet cover and pillow cases, I just took them off and we have been sleeping with the down blanket and pillows that have no pillow cases or cover; no joke...and my husband doesn't even notice.

Our wedding anniversary was this past week, and my idea for gifts was for us to purchase a new bedding set - sheets, duvet cover, shams, all of it.  I wanted to splurge on something that will make us excited to come to bed each night; something soft and silky like.  Well this is what I got instead:

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE IT!  haha - but it makes me laugh...such a typical husband gift.  

So - back to my bedroom - lol.  Here are photos of my current space, which only shows the bed and nightstand, but trust me there is not much else to see.

Can NOT wait to share more!!  


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 With the change in seasons here in STL - it has me wanting to change up the spaces in my house as well.  Because it seems like I am always buying something for my house - I have to be careful about what I purchase.  Mike always notices the occasional new chair, blanket, jar, etc here and there - but I always be sure to drown him in a fabulous story of how I got the best deal on it and saved us so much money in the long run...insert my best devilish smiley face.  It's easy to get lost in the details, and overspend on items that you probably did not need.  

Here are my favorite, go to ways to spruce up your current space(s) without breaking the bank; or completely freaking your husband out: 

1. Paint - paint is a cheap fix; if you do it yourself.  A freshly painted room in a bright grayish white is always a sure way to improve a space (BM Balboa Mist is my all time favorite right now).  Paint will instantly transform a room for little $.  Oh, and if you have full paint cans laying around, you can always take those to your nearest paint store and ask them to add coloring to it; which would really reduce your cost.  

2. Dig through your existing items...can you re-arrange, move items around, re-purpose, etc?  West Elm almost always has a large bin of pillow covers in the back of their store that are always pretty cheap.  It's fun to dig through those, and place over your existing pillows.  Do you have any stools, chairs, etc sitting around that you could take some chalk paint to?

3. Make your own art.  There are so many options here - you could buy a canvas from Michaels/JoAnn's (use a coupon;)), and mimic a piece you love - or you could frame something you already have.  However, if you are in need of frames - go to IKEA!  You can buy frames there for cheap.  

4. I love running through our local Goodwill and consignment shops to see if they have anything that I could steal - price wise, and re-use in a room.  

5. Run up to Trader Joe's or a local flower shop if you live in the city like me.  Fresh flowers always help to take a space to the next level.  Or run up to Lowe's or a local nursery and buy a fern (pending the time of the year).  Ferns are one of my absolute favorite items to decorate with in my house!  If there are no ferns - any green house plant will do; set it on a coffee table or end table.

5. Lastly, my biggest 'trick' to sprucing up a space on a budget is to just clean it - lol.  Seriously - cleaning a room from top to bottom - wiping down all glass, using pledge on all wood surfaces, cleaning the floors, etc. will make the biggest difference in how the room feels and looks.  

Have you already used any of these to give your space a fresh feel?!


Monday, September 7, 2015


Who doesn't love a good barstool?!  I put together a roundup of a few of my current favorites.  Obviously, I am having a moment with teal...I didn't realize I had pulled together so many teal chairs.  I have been daydreaming of bringing more color into my house - versus my usual neutral shades - and a teal/blue has been the color I keep going back to.  While barstools are something I consider more of a permanent item to purchase (I would typically not switch out stools very often) I would suggest picking one that you love and will flow with multiple color schemes. That way if a year goes by and you end up re-painting your island, or changing your wall color - the stools could still easily flow into the new space as well.  One of these days...I am going to buy those Serena & Lily Riviera stools - you just can not go wrong with those - classic.
Kitchen Dining Stools
I created the above board with Polyvore, so if you click directly on it - it should take you to the sources;).

Enjoy!  Thank you all so much for continuing to follow along:).


Saturday, September 5, 2015


A common question I hear from friends and family while decorating is how to match one finish to the next.  For example, "can I use a gold frame in the kitchen space, but then a silver or white frame in a conjoining room?"  Or, "can I use copper finishes in my kitchen, while still using stainless steel appliances?".  The answer to both of these above questions is YES!  Yes, you can mix finishes.  Yes, you can mix gold and silver.  Yes, you can mix material finishes.

A large misconception in decorating is that there are all of these "rules" you have to follow.  While I do firmly believe there are unspoken rules to follow (I say this very loosely), the best homes in my opinion come together when random and miscellaneous items come together and fill the space.  It is tempting when you first start decorating to just get the space done - walk into a box store, purchase the set and all matching accessories, bam - you are done!  There is really nothing wrong with this, and I am sure your room will still look very nice, however, I prefer the rooms that are compiled with hidden treasures, artifacts, home goods finds, and garage sale steals that have been re-purposed and re-used.  Those are my favorite kind of spaces, and these are the kinds of room I try to design in my own house.

Here is a living room I did that mixes various shades, colors, finishes, etc.

I love how this kitchen mixes it up with the light stained wood pantry to the left of the light grey/white painted cabinets.  The light wood gives this kitchen so much warmth and really adds a lot of depth.  This is something I could see myself being a little worried about during the design process, however it turned out beautiful.

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Venegas and Company

Here is an example of a kitchen that used copper/metallic pendants with chrome sink faucet, as well as stainless steel appliances.  Not sure I like the black stools used here, but nonetheless it is a good example that you can definitely use copper finishes with the stainless.

via House Beautiful
via Domino
via Lonny

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - and are able to spend the extra day off with friends and family.  We are headed down to the MU game:).  Go Tigers!



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