Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mood Board Time: Toddler Boy Room

I love creating spaces for the little ones...especially the toddler ages.  I have a weird OCD trait where I actually enjoy organizing all of Michael's cars, stuffed animals, trains, books, etc.  His books are color coordinated by the color of their spine, all stuffed animals go in the stuffed animal bin, all of the games go in the games bin, all of the legos go in the lego bin...and so on;).  I love doing this so much that after Michael has a playdate, I ask the parents to not have their kids clean up - I want to be the one that gets to put everything away - and ensure it gets put in the right spot.  It makes me all scatter brained when I walk into a kids space and the toys are all commingled.  How do they ever find the missing Go Fish card if they don't have a game bin - or the ambulance hot wheel car without a car bin?!

A friend of mine asked me if I had any ideas on headboard options for her 2 year old son's transition to his big boy bed (she already bought this gorgeous bedding from Restoration Hardware).  Well... while searching for headboards - I had to put together this adorable board to give me an entire picture of what was going through my head.  This board doesn't have too many storage options - however, this lucky little boy already has some pretty amazing white furniture that he will be able to transition into this room.

J Room

What do you all think?  What are you thoughts on headboard options for a little one's first big girl/big boy bed?


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