Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crazy Week!

This week has been the craziest!!  I know this blog is supposed to be centered on interior design, however, it is still a blog and I thought I would share some of my crazies for the week - as I am sure a lot of you can relate with school starting.  Here are a few of my thoughts for the week:

1.  Michael started kindergarten this week!  We are so lucky that his school is in our neighborhood and we are able to walk him to and from each day.  It is so fun seeing all of his friends, and they have the best time walking home together acting crazy and just joking about things they did during the day.  It seems like it is a bit of a release for them.  Here are my two kiddos on the front porch getting ready to head over on the first day. is what I got to do on the first day of school.

That's right - Mommy playdate - pool style.  In celebration of the kiddos starting school, I joined a few other Mom's at the pool for cocktails and good conversations;).  I didn't want it to end!...ahhh...

2.  There is a lot of prep work when it comes to Kindergarten.  All of the forms, the volunteering (which I have totally signed up to be a room parent), the permission slips, the schedule, the lunch's, the backpacks, the outfits, etc...  You really have to be on your toes in regards to the whole lunch deal - you can not pack the same thing twice and don't you even try and put what was leftover one day in the next day.  According to Michael - "I can not do that Mom!" lol.

3.  Michael's social calendar is filling up rapidly.  Now that we are walking home from school with other friends, it is too hard to say goodbye - so now Michael wants to do playdates after school as well.  I thought for sure he would be exhausted and ready to just come home - have some orange juice - and chill on the couch...nope!  However, I do have to say I love listening to those kids when they get together and play; especially when they do not think you are listening.  The games they come up with to play are hilarious and very creative.  

4.  My house is a complete disaster - we are considering being out of town this weekend - and my laundry pile is getting a little scary.  I'm hoping work is slow tomorrow so I can work on this house, and prep for the weekend.

5.  I am still trying to wrap up my back room renovation.  All of the major items are done, however, I still have the details to iron out.  When the addition was added on by the previous owners, they did not do can lighting, so lighting back there is huge.  At least two large floor lamps are needed to provide adequate lighting.  I purchased this lamp from Pottery Barn (in the bronze finish) a few weeks ago, however, it has turned out to be too small.

I really think I need something that is more of a statement piece - possibly something like this.  And it is on sale right now!!!  Exciting!  I might have to go buy this one this weekend.

 6.  I also am still searching for wall art behind the sectional as well as a coffee table and end tables.  I am considering ordering two of these from West Elm to use as coffee tables. Because the sectional is so large, I think it would be helpful to be able to move the tables around depending on where you are sitting.

While that is probably not all of the craziness - I will stop there:).  TGIF!

Thanks for reading!xo

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