Monday, July 6, 2015

Shag vs. Jute?

I have been on the hunt for the perfect rug for my new living room.  We ripped up the carpet and put down 3 inch unfinished red oak to match the rest of our house.  Let me tell you a little story about laying is hard.  Your back and neck will ache from bending over, your arm hurts from lugging that heavy nail gun around, and your head will be pounding from the constant banging that occurs when you nail the wood down every 6-12 inches or so.  This was my first experience doing it myself - versus just peeking over Mike's shoulder while he was doing it... I have a newfound respect for hardwood floors.  The floor deserves its own post!

Back to my rug search.  My vision for that room has been a cozy, comfy, and livable space that could accommodate all four of us while we are watching movies and hanging, but also serve as ample seating spaces for when we have guests.  Following down that path, my initial thought was to go with a large shag rug that the kids could play on, as well as something that people could stretch out on if they were to get on the ground with the kids.  My search led me to this:
Doesn't it just scream comfy and cozy?!  And for the price...umm..yes!  I also love the black lines it has in it, and the contrast against the white/natural back drop.

However, then my design add kicks in, and I start to think maybe I want a large light colored jute rug back there??  Not one that is scratchy, but instead soft with good texture?  I love a good jute rug and the way it feels on your bare feet.  Currently, I have a darker brown one in my kitchen (under the dinner table), and it has really held up well considering the daily torture it is put through (Gwen chucks her entire plate of food off the table at least once a week).  Spot cleaning is pretty tough, however, it covers small stains/spills pretty easily.  So then I found this (also on
Again - the price on this rug is insane!  This one is even cheaper than the shag one I originally found (and thought was cheap) - for an 8x10.

I went ahead and ordered both.  I know I will have to pay for shipping to get one of them back, but it was free shipping from, and again for the price, I might just have to find a use for both of these in my house;).  

Have any of you had to decide amongst shag versus jute?  What did you decide?!  



  1. I wish I would've seen this shag rug before we bought our Restoration Hardware rug! Next time...

    1. I still can't believe how much of a steal this one was - crazy awesome price.

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