Friday, July 10, 2015

Laying Hardwoods

Wanted to give you all an update on the family room renovation.  Since my last post, we have tore out the wood burning stove as well as the brick veneer it was mounted onto, the carpet, painted the walls (I used BM Balboa Mist - love love love this color), and have installed the hardwoods.  Our home was built in the 40's so hardwood was already installed throughout the main floor when we moved in (3 inch red oak; pretty common flooring in that era).  Here is a pic of our front room from the original zillow listing - you can see the existing floor.

This room has been changed SO MUCH - lol!  However, it is a good shot of what the floors were like when we moved in.  When we did our kitchen/dining room renovation, we installed the same 3 inch red oak (unfinished) in the kitchen in order to flow into the dining room (was there when we moved in).  When we did this, Mike sanded the entire first floor and decided on just laying the water based poly - and passed on using any stain.  The floors turned out gorgeous!  I was envisioning a dark stain, however when I saw how beautiful the wood was after it had been sanded down to it's original surface, I knew I wanted to keep it looking as natural as possible; no stain needed.

Therefore, I knew I wanted to lay the same 3 inch red oak down in the back family room.  This would  allow the entire first floor of the house to flow together as one congruent space.  

Well... I COMPLETELY underestimated how much work it is to lay hardwood.  I had never done it before - only watched Mike out of the corner of my eye when he laid the kitchen.  It was so much work lol!  First I had to go pick up the wood - see pic below of it crammed in Mike's tahoe, with Gwen's face popping out - the guy loading it into my car was very concerned with it being around her, but she was cool - strapped into her carseat and that wood was going nowhere!  You can have it delivered, but it would have been an extra $100 and their delivery schedule was not condusive to my, "I want it now" motto.   

-Gwen being quite the helper-

-Almost finished and looking so pretty-

It took about 3 days off and on, but we got it all down.  It looks stunning.  The wood did exactly as I was hoping - completely opened up the space, as well as giving it a 'nicer' vibe.  The room now feels huge - there is going to be so much more space for the kids to stretch out and well as more room to fit my new sectional;).  

Mike is sanding right now as I type this, rugs were delivered yesterday, and tomorrow the sectional should be here.  Soo looking forward to sharing the end results with you all.  As well as a better tutorial on laying the hardwood - I learned so much (good and bad) lol.  

Have you all ever refinished hardwoods?  Did you decide to stain or just do the straight poly?!  




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