Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lighting Details

We all know how drastic the right lighting can make or break a home.  Correct lighting takes an empty room and creates a warm, comforting ambience that will set the entire mood of a space.  As with anything - it's good to know some basic 'rules' when installing lighting and light fixtures.  I was forwarded an email from Circa Lighting that had some awesome basic lighting guidelines to follow - I had to share!  I also included some of my favorite light fixtures for each space as well.

If you all have not checked out yet - it is a must.  The prices can be a little on the high end, but you never know when you can run into a sale, and the inspiration alone is priceless.


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6


What do you all think - will any of you use these dimensions when designing your next space?  Or will you go more off of what "feels" right?


Monday, July 27, 2015


Serena & Lily is the ultimate go to shop for your one of kind pieces that still maintain a sense of traditional style.  So so many of my all-time favorite rooms are built around Serena & Lily pieces.  As I am writing this, I am envisioning them and it just makes me so happy.  My favorite way to decorate a room is to build the room up with your basics, and then find those statement items that really make it feel complete, as well as tie everything in the space together.  I can guarantee I will find one of these statement pieces at Serena & Lily.

The only downfall is that their pricing can be a little on the high end sometimes...however, they are having a SALE!  Per their website it is a private sale, with some items up to 50% off.  I could not scan through the site fast internet was not moving nearly as fast as it should have been.  These are the days I dream about being a professional designer.  There are too many amazing items out there, and it is impossible to use them all in my own house.


all images via

What do you all think?  I feel like the chairs are one of those purchases that you have forever; like you will pass them down forever.  For me - when I am able to order those chairs for my home, I will feel like I have really made it to the big time;).


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Furniture Find - Rope Chair

I have been on a chair hunt for my back living room.  Currently I have the large sectional back there, and think a nice set of chairs would be a perfect offset to balance the room.  So...yesterday I was online perusing through all of my favorite blogs, and came across this post by Erin Gates at Elements of Style Blog.  She highlighted the Rope Chair, and all of their glory.  The Rope Chair is a classic look with a twist that just so happens to be extremely comfortable as well. 

This photo came directly from Erin's post - I just love the relaxed vibe these chairs bring:
image via Elements of Style Blog

Here a pair is used to create a cozy conversation area:
image via decorpad
Looking pretty even on its own:
image via suiting
You can easily use these as a pair or have a single all by their lonesome;).  I love how Erin says, "chairs are such a great way to convey your style and add some interest into an otherwise bland space.  They are little works of art!".  I couldn't agree more - and so began my obsession with the Rope Chair.  Literally, this obsession just started yesterday.  So tonight I am shopping at Urban Outfitters at the mall and what do I stumble into when I walk into the dressing room?!!  How pretty is she?!

The original Hans Wegner rope chairs are pretty pricey...and when I say pretty pricey...I mean I will never own one EVER.  Seriously, they are amazing but I just don't know when I will be at a point in my life where I could justify spending that much on one chair - ouch!  However, still drop dead gorgeous.

The price on the look-a-like at Urban Outfitters was $329, however, because it was on the floor and had been visibly used I ended up getting a steal on it!  So while my husband thought I was taking an innocent trip up to the mall - I came back with a chair, lol.  Seriously though - how could I not buy this?!  It was meant to be, furniture heaven for this beauty.

This is a perfect example that you never know what you can get until you ask for it.  Ask for that discount when you are furniture shopping - point out the small dings/wear marks, and request a discounted price for these defects.  Purchasing items off of the floor, already used and not brand new - shipped to you in the box is a great way to save money.

Here is it sitting in it's new home - my back family room; that I am STILL working on.  I obviously want to buy a second one now to make it a pair....however, that can wait for a few weeks;).

What do you all think?!  Have you found any furniture steals lately?


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vintage Mirror Style

Recently, I have had an obsession with vintage gold mirrors.  I keep thinking these do not have to be placed in a high-end, detailed setting.  I personally think they look best when placed in a non- glamorous setting where they can be highlighted and become a statement piece for the room - the bigger the better.  I dug through the web looking for some inspiration photos to see if what I was thinking would work?  To be honest, I wasn't able to find a photo of exactly what I was looking for...however, in the process I found the below beauties and had to share.

Here are two used in a gorgeous master bath -

I love this one placed above the sofa.  The rest of the finishes in this picture are not what I would call high-end or very detailed in style.  The mirror takes center stage in this room, and that is what I love about it! - 

Here is another one in a bathroom.  Again, the chandelier dresses this space up a bit, but I definitely think you could have used a more modern light fixture here while still capturing the beauty of this mirror - 

Creates a stand-out focal point in an entry way - 

Love, love, love! - 

I love how designer, Christine Dovey used this mirror to pull together this basement remodel - 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

What do you all think?!  Can these gold vintage mirrors be used in your everyday spaces??!  To be honest, I am still thinking it can work...however, I think I need to test it out to verify my claim;).  


*All photos above were found via, however, original links are included above:)*

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


We can all agree that it can be challenging to incorporate colors and patterns into your home design, while still maintaining a sense of flow and cohesiveness amongst the spaces.  Allowing your home to flow from room to room, while still highlighting each space for what it is - can be extremely overwhelming!  When I was designing our kitchen space - I knew it was going to set the stage for the other areas of my main floor, and was very conscientious of giving it a lot of neutral vibes, however, still emphasizing the overall look and feel I was going for in my home.

While reading through the latest copy of House Beautiful, I came across this website where you can choose from set groups of colors/fabrics, and then order different pieces - pillows, curtains, ottomans, etc. in these varying fabrics.  The groups of fabrics are all different and unique, however this site takes the guess work out of mulling over which patterns to put with what - it already has them selected for you!

The site, was co-founded by Shane Reilly (founder of Decorati, acquired by Gilt Groupe), and Kelly Berger (co-founder of Tiny Prints, acquired by Shutterfly) - so you know it is amazing!  They even recently opened a pop up store in Los Altos, CA.

Here are some of my favorite collections:

Can picture these possibly in my new family room?

Love this one for a boy's nursery.

These colors and textures here would be nice in a bedroom.

The boldness in these patterns would be great statement pieces.

The pattern on the far right screams ottoman and or printed curtains to me!

In my world cheetah is never wrong.

These are just a few of the many collections they have - I am excited to dig through this site more to search for an ottoman and coordinating pillows for my family room project.  


This is not a sponsored post - I simply loved it and wanted to share:)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Laying Hardwoods

Wanted to give you all an update on the family room renovation.  Since my last post, we have tore out the wood burning stove as well as the brick veneer it was mounted onto, the carpet, painted the walls (I used BM Balboa Mist - love love love this color), and have installed the hardwoods.  Our home was built in the 40's so hardwood was already installed throughout the main floor when we moved in (3 inch red oak; pretty common flooring in that era).  Here is a pic of our front room from the original zillow listing - you can see the existing floor.

This room has been changed SO MUCH - lol!  However, it is a good shot of what the floors were like when we moved in.  When we did our kitchen/dining room renovation, we installed the same 3 inch red oak (unfinished) in the kitchen in order to flow into the dining room (was there when we moved in).  When we did this, Mike sanded the entire first floor and decided on just laying the water based poly - and passed on using any stain.  The floors turned out gorgeous!  I was envisioning a dark stain, however when I saw how beautiful the wood was after it had been sanded down to it's original surface, I knew I wanted to keep it looking as natural as possible; no stain needed.

Therefore, I knew I wanted to lay the same 3 inch red oak down in the back family room.  This would  allow the entire first floor of the house to flow together as one congruent space.  

Well... I COMPLETELY underestimated how much work it is to lay hardwood.  I had never done it before - only watched Mike out of the corner of my eye when he laid the kitchen.  It was so much work lol!  First I had to go pick up the wood - see pic below of it crammed in Mike's tahoe, with Gwen's face popping out - the guy loading it into my car was very concerned with it being around her, but she was cool - strapped into her carseat and that wood was going nowhere!  You can have it delivered, but it would have been an extra $100 and their delivery schedule was not condusive to my, "I want it now" motto.   

-Gwen being quite the helper-

-Almost finished and looking so pretty-

It took about 3 days off and on, but we got it all down.  It looks stunning.  The wood did exactly as I was hoping - completely opened up the space, as well as giving it a 'nicer' vibe.  The room now feels huge - there is going to be so much more space for the kids to stretch out and well as more room to fit my new sectional;).  

Mike is sanding right now as I type this, rugs were delivered yesterday, and tomorrow the sectional should be here.  Soo looking forward to sharing the end results with you all.  As well as a better tutorial on laying the hardwood - I learned so much (good and bad) lol.  

Have you all ever refinished hardwoods?  Did you decide to stain or just do the straight poly?!  




Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pillow, Pillows, Pillows

I just love decorating a space with pillows.  They can be a quick way to change the entire look and feel of a room.  Large fluffy pillows can add a comfy, lounge-esque feel, versus small and more rigid pillows can finish off a formal room.  Pillows can be used all around your house, whether it is in your master bedroom, guest bedroom(s), living room spaces (I would love to incorporate some floor pillows for my family room renovation!), office, and even used on your dining room end chairs.

Here are a handful of my favorites.

Pillow, Pillows, Pillows

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nursery Love

After launching the blog last night, one of my girlfriends - who is expecting her first baby in a couple months - mentioned getting started on a nursery for her sweet baby girl (love ya BB!).  Obviously, this got my mind racing and I immediately jumped back to my post on the gorgeous and classic hollyhock fabric (click here if you missed it) and how amazing it could be in a nursery!  So I got to work putting together this inspiration board, and I can not be more excited over the final vibe of the room.  This space just screams GWEN (my 16 mth old;)) lol and I would die if I could re-do her room like yesterday based off this inspiration board.

I love the combination of all the textures: the juju hats, with the Rattan floor basket, the wooden beads on the chandelier, and the sheepskin rug all seem to create a warm and dynamic space.  I am all about contrast, and I could not be more obsessed over the thought of a light pink rug underneath a rich black sheepskin.  This just makes me happy.

Girl Nursery


Monday, July 6, 2015

Here we go:)

It's official - has been launched!  This blog has been almost a year in the making, and I am so excited, yet SO nervous to have it's official launch.  I am not one to "put myself out there", however, the intent of this blog is to share my passion for interior design, renovation projects and construction, as well as pursue interior design on a professional level.  

While this blog will focus mostly on residential design, I am a working Mom of two - and I guarantee to share some of our day to day happenings as well:).  

I truly believe in the power of having an "eye" when it comes to design.  While my professional background is in business, I have always felt a pull toward a more creative profession.  For you my readers - I hope to excite and inspire you all to design your homes to be functional, organized, and a true reflection of you and your families lifestyles.  


Shag vs. Jute?

I have been on the hunt for the perfect rug for my new living room.  We ripped up the carpet and put down 3 inch unfinished red oak to match the rest of our house.  Let me tell you a little story about laying is hard.  Your back and neck will ache from bending over, your arm hurts from lugging that heavy nail gun around, and your head will be pounding from the constant banging that occurs when you nail the wood down every 6-12 inches or so.  This was my first experience doing it myself - versus just peeking over Mike's shoulder while he was doing it... I have a newfound respect for hardwood floors.  The floor deserves its own post!

Back to my rug search.  My vision for that room has been a cozy, comfy, and livable space that could accommodate all four of us while we are watching movies and hanging, but also serve as ample seating spaces for when we have guests.  Following down that path, my initial thought was to go with a large shag rug that the kids could play on, as well as something that people could stretch out on if they were to get on the ground with the kids.  My search led me to this:
Doesn't it just scream comfy and cozy?!  And for the price...umm..yes!  I also love the black lines it has in it, and the contrast against the white/natural back drop.

However, then my design add kicks in, and I start to think maybe I want a large light colored jute rug back there??  Not one that is scratchy, but instead soft with good texture?  I love a good jute rug and the way it feels on your bare feet.  Currently, I have a darker brown one in my kitchen (under the dinner table), and it has really held up well considering the daily torture it is put through (Gwen chucks her entire plate of food off the table at least once a week).  Spot cleaning is pretty tough, however, it covers small stains/spills pretty easily.  So then I found this (also on
Again - the price on this rug is insane!  This one is even cheaper than the shag one I originally found (and thought was cheap) - for an 8x10.

I went ahead and ordered both.  I know I will have to pay for shipping to get one of them back, but it was free shipping from, and again for the price, I might just have to find a use for both of these in my house;).  

Have any of you had to decide amongst shag versus jute?  What did you decide?!  


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