Sunday, June 21, 2015

AJ's Playroom

One of my best friends from college moved into a brand new home within walking distance to me! EEK - amazing!!  So exciting having her and her adorable family so close.  Her home is brand new (a gorgeous blank slate) - so she has been working on going through each space - decorating as she goes.  A brand new, empty home is very overwhelming, however, I have encouraged her to work on one space at a time, and gradually things will start to piece themselves together.  AJ, her 15 month old son has his very own playroom!  Lucky boy;).  My friend asked my opinion on a few decorating ideas as she would like this room to be easily transformable into a future bedroom (if and when a new baby comes along; as he/she will take AJ's current room/furniture).  Below is an inspiration board I put together.

A few items I consider must haves for a playroom:

-cohesive rug and window treatments
-book shelves
-toy bins
-displayed art and or wall art
-chalkboard/chalk wall
-table and chairs
-IKEA diginet cords and hooks to hang art, photos, etc.
-baskets, baskets, and more baskets
-wall hung shelving/organizing units; save the floor space for play

Have you had fun decorating a playroom?  I want to hear your playroom must haves!



  1. I'm totally taking inspiration from this for Brock's future playroom!!

  2. Don't you love those three framed car photos?! They were my fav!



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