Monday, June 29, 2015

Hollyhock Obsession

I am completely ADD when it comes to my house and anything to do with decorating.  I am knee dip in my living room renovation and I can't help but get sidetracked (this happens A LOT).  I saw this photo on Pinterest and am OBSESSED with this fabric. It's a print, but still neutral, it's black and white, classic, and to me it comes off slightly edgy (not too mention the designer here paired it with that leopard print pillow) love....
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As much as I would love to use these in my living room project, I'm just not sure they would be the perfect match against my charcoal sectional...jury is still out on that one.  

I started brainstorming and what if I could use these in my daughter's room?  I did her room about a year ago, however, have never really loved it as much as I should.  What if I painted her room a light pink, hung these babies up as curtains, and then accented with the leopard/pink?!  And there lives my never ending decorating  My husband would laugh in my face and walk away if I even mention re-painting Gwen's room right now, so I better just stick to my Balboa Mist walls I still have left to paint in my living room;).  Below are various ways to use this gorgeous and classic Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock print. I will keep daydreaming...  

Another leopard accent, and that spotted wall art!
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Instant classic
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Another curtain use
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Would make a gorgeous lumbar pillow on a bed
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What do you all think?  Would you love to use this pattern somewhere in your home?


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family Room of Dreams

Okay you all - I have amazing news!!!  One of the very first things that I disliked about our house is our family room.  We have a living room in the front of our house - that is more of a sitting room, and then we have a large family room in the back of the house.  It is a large addition that had been added on by a previous owner.  I immediately envisioned a reno plan, but knew it would be awhile before we could tackle; the kitchen/dining room space was the #1 allocation of funds.

In the corner of this family room, there is real wood burning stove that sits on top of a built-in brick landing.  It was love at first sight for my husband (Mike) when he saw this stove.  He told me he had visions of this back room being transformed into a lodge inspired space where he could hang all of his dead animal heads and fish bodies and listen to his fire crackling in the background.  As amazing as this sounds... I had other plans lol!

Long story short, the stove doesn't work anyway - and about a year and half later Mike has finally let me at this room:).  I have been envisioning in my mind for at least a year what I want to do back here, so that same day Mike gave me the go ahead, I was headed out in search of sectionals.  It was meant to be as I found a perfect sectional that day - Mike negotiated an amazing deal on it - and bam! it's going to be delivered any day.

So, now I am obsessively painting various shades of grey and whites all over the walls in order to get just the right shade.  I grabbed another sample tonight from Benjamin Moore on my way home, and can't wait to get it up on the walls.  

Below is one of the original photos of the room (taken off of the Zillow listing).  Below that are some initial inspiration photos I have saved. 

Family Room - BEFORE

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

AJ's Playroom

One of my best friends from college moved into a brand new home within walking distance to me! EEK - amazing!!  So exciting having her and her adorable family so close.  Her home is brand new (a gorgeous blank slate) - so she has been working on going through each space - decorating as she goes.  A brand new, empty home is very overwhelming, however, I have encouraged her to work on one space at a time, and gradually things will start to piece themselves together.  AJ, her 15 month old son has his very own playroom!  Lucky boy;).  My friend asked my opinion on a few decorating ideas as she would like this room to be easily transformable into a future bedroom (if and when a new baby comes along; as he/she will take AJ's current room/furniture).  Below is an inspiration board I put together.

A few items I consider must haves for a playroom:

-cohesive rug and window treatments
-book shelves
-toy bins
-displayed art and or wall art
-chalkboard/chalk wall
-table and chairs
-IKEA diginet cords and hooks to hang art, photos, etc.
-baskets, baskets, and more baskets
-wall hung shelving/organizing units; save the floor space for play

Have you had fun decorating a playroom?  I want to hear your playroom must haves!



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